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Our academy is here to create the perfect conditions and base for young athletes. We offer complexity and professionalism in one place in the beautiful environment of the Golf Complex Botanika, which has been awarded several times as the best area of the year.

Basic information about the golf academy offer. At our golf academy our focus is on children. Training lessons consist of several training blocks focused on golf and general body readiness - fitness. In these trainings, we focus on developing physical and technical skills for children. Your youngest children will experience this in a fun and entertaining way. For older children we apply a more competitive spirit and incorporate the latest training methods. Simply said we will teach your kids all that is needed to master golf.

The trainings will focus on the complex sports development of the child, where they will apply the modern training methodology under the patronage of experienced professionals. Up to ten children in groups. For details on grouping and training pricing, please refer to the Kids Training section.

You can apply throughout the year. Start of trainings - every season from May.

We believe that the cooperation will be successful and your child's sport development will go in the right direction. After all, it is not a question of whether your child will make a living from the sport, but what he will take from this experience and apply it to his or hers everyday life.

We are looking forward to collaborate with you

Botanika Academy sports team

Dětské tréninky

We offer a program of children's golf training. They will gradually teach children the basics of the game, rules, etiquette and broaden their awareness of golf as a sport.

The content of the trainings is complex, the technique of the game is associated with other practical and theoretical topics directly related to the game performance and continuous development of the child's performance and personality. Of course there is the possibility of obtaining a certificate of competence, individualization of equipment and more.

For the participants of the children's golf program there are prepared advantageous entry conditions to the Golf Club Botanika (since 2012 free entry fees!) So that they can, of course, with their parents, participate in club life and its building. And also to be able to attend the necessary regular individual training in their free time.

Participants of the children's golf school can also use other services, such as rehabilitation, discounted prices for other golf events, summer golf camps, selected tournaments, etc.

Our academy is focused on the sport development of kids of all ages. We offer various programs of children's golf trainings for both beginners and golfers. We focus on teaching golf more comprehensively, not just as golf itself. The aim is to develop a spectrum of motoric abilities and skills from an early age. For children to achieve better mobility, coordination of movements and to get a sense of play and ball. The content of the trainings is complex. The basic technique of the game and other practical and theoretical topics are directly related to the game performance and continuous development of the child's performance and personality. Two children's tournaments in different categories will be prepared during the year to try out the free movement around the playground and gain valuable experience. There will be one spring and one autumn tournament. The dates will be announced soon on our website.

The training sessions are led by professionals and assistants from April to October. In case of bad weather, golf theory is discussed with the children in the indoor area of the premises, or you can excuse the child from training. You can train once a week or twice a one training session/hour lasts 55 minutes.

Training days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Lessons are determined according to the candidates in agreement with the course manager.
Once the capacity is filled it is will be possible to agree on another training day.

The Academy is divided into three groups:

Children 4-6

number of children in group max. 4

Focused on the overall development of the musculoskeletal system and overall coordination of the child. Golf lessons with other complementary elements for the overall development of the child. Methodology for children at this age is a form of play, because children at this age can hardly maintain concentration for a longer period of time. Training takes place on practice grounds and at least once a month on the pitch.

Children 7-10

number of children in group max. 5

Chidren train golf swing, short game, rules and ethics. They also practice other exercises and games related to golf. Training takes place on practice areas. Once and twice a month play on the pitch.

Children 11-15

number of children in group max. 5

Children train golf swing, short game, rules and ethics. They also discuss golf strategy and practice other exercises and games related to golf. Training takes place on the pitch.

Teaching is led by professional coaches

Trainings are started with a minimum of five paying candidates

Lessons take 60 minutes twice a week from April to October

Training days: Tuesday and Thursday

Price per month for two hours per week 1400 CZK

Price per month for one lesson per week 800 CZK

Trainings take place in the following terms:

Monday 16 - 18 hrs.

Tuesday 16 - 18 hrs,

Wendesday 16 - 18 hrs.

Thursday 16 - 18 hrs.

Friday 16 - 18 hrs.

In case of interest of new members it is possible to come and try the first golf strokes in the above mentioned dates.

The first trial is with us for free. We look forward to meeting you. For more information, please contact our trainers.

Kids camps 2019


15. – 19. 7. 2019

05. – 09. 8. 2019

Our Academy offers everything a young player needs to grow. Feel free to come and ask and we will be happy to share your golf experience.

Our goal is to educate quality golf players who like to play golf at a professional or recreational level.

Cena 5 700 Kč/person

Čas: 9:00 – 16:00 hrs.

Food and drinks throughout the day


3 hours: Golf lessons, short and long game, putting, golf competitions, playing on the course, rules lessons

1 hour: Other activities: Swimming pool, footgolf, mini golf, competitions

1.30 hour for lunch and rest

The sports camp is designed for children aged five to fifteen. Children are divided into groups according to age or sporting skills. According to the sport level they learn the basics or deepen their sport skills in golf and other physical activities.

In a group of 5 - 10 children

If you are interested write to: or call: 604 938 525


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