Footgolf Klub Botanika

Since 30.5.2015 you can play a unique and fun Footgolf game every Tuesday at the Botanika golf course. (If you are interested in playing footgolf on another day of the week, please contact the GK Botanika reception)

Join the Botanika Footgolf Club:

Annual membership CZK 900, - (includes membership in FGK Botanika, and the possibility to play for club green fees)

* applies to members of FGK Botanika

Footgolf at GC Botanika 2019 (minimum number of players is four)
Golf holes
         Open/Close        Footgolf holes           
Monday 0 0 close* 0
Tuesday whole day
12 open 18
Wendesday 0 0 close* 0
Thursday 0 0 close* 0
Friday 0 0 close* 0
Saturday 0 0 close* 0
Sunday 0 0 close* 0

* the game is possible only at the presence of the marshal at a price of CZK 1000, - (for 9 or 18 holes)

About footgolf

A football game called Footgolf was created in the Netherlands in 2008 as a result of the combination of football and golf. The starting factor for footgolf was Willem Korsten, who was the first to recall how after the practice at Tottenham Hotspur some players tried to get the ball from the pitch to the dressing room for the minimum number of kicks.

It is played on a golf course by a soccer ball on a flag in a hole that differs from the golf only by its size (50-53 cm). 

The championship course has 18 holes, but there is a possibility to meet the requirements even when there are 9 holes and if necessary or during official competitions, this course is played twice.

The goal of this game is to get a 4 or 5 size soccer ball into the footgolf hole in as few kicks as possible.

After completing each hole, players record their scores on a scorecard and after the end of the round the results are added up.

Since this sport is played on golf courses, it is necessary for safety reasons to get acquainted with the basics of golf course behaviour and, of course, with footgolf rules.

Team Golf of the Botanika club

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                   Number of holes                    
              Footgolf fee in CZK
Monday - Friday
9 250
Monday - Friday 12
Monday - Friday 18 400
Friday (from 12 o'clock) - Saturday, Sunday, public holidays 9 300
Friday (from 12 o'clock) - Saturday, Sunday, public holidays 12
Friday (from 12 o'clock) - Saturday, Sunday, public holidays 18 500